Friday, August 7, 2009

August - Month of Birthdays

This is August and the month of Birthdays has already begun. There are 9 birthdays from my class, 2 seniors as far as I know and a school friend celebrating their birthdays in this very month. And putting a little mathematics into it its 1 birthday every 3 days. There will be bunch of mail threads flooding into my mail box. Hope there will be few parties too. Gonna have a exciting month..


Varun said...

My wishes to them all... Its the same case with my friends also... yesterday 8 of my friends had b'day... :-)

Tom Praison said...

Wow!! thats even more exciting to have 8 Birthdays on a single day..

Venkatesh Varalu said...

4 of my classmates including me celebrate it this month.

Plus... my dad, my 3 cousins, 3 colleagues (my teammates)... so far. :)

In my calendar Vishnu, Venkat, Balamurugan celebrate their birthdays this month.. .:)