Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One love

Reading the title "One Love" many people would be guessing what i am going to write about. I'm a die hard fan of AR Rahman not only for his music, but even for his attitude which i feel is very important in everyone's career. His album "Vande Mataram" which was released for the 5oth year of Independance shows his great love for his motherland. The subsequent year he created a new version of our national anthem "Jana gana mana". It was sung by many famous singers. Now the recent one is "One Love" an album with the one song in 6 different languages Tamil, Hindi. Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali. This song commemorates Taj Mahal and what it stands for. The song is all about love and it is aimed at bringing the Taj Mahal into the 7 new wonders of the world. While i was enjoying this song for a while. I got a mail that turned my attention towards it. It stated that Taj Mahal was not actually built by Shah Jahan for Mumtaz. The mail with the subject "Da vinci style - Hidden Truths abt Taj Mahal !" told that Taj Mahal was an ancient Shiva Temple which was got by Shah Jahan from the king of Jaipur. It portraited many pictures and presented proofs that it should be an Hindu temple and been built before the period of Shah jahan. To throw more light, read this. But to me whether its Shiva Temple or Tomb, whenever i hear the name it symbolizes "True Love". I read these lines some where " A girl tells to her lover that i'm ready to die if you would built such a beautiful building for me after seeing the Taj Mahal". Since i have never visited Taj Mahal, the eagerness to see it has increased. Will update my views once i visit it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Will Microsoft 'Gatineau' be a competition for Google Analytics??

Microsoft and Google have become best competitors in the software market. While the first concentrates more on desktop business, the other has captured the Web. Now both of them have come to a stage where each of them wants to enter into the others domain. Since Web based products are gaining popularity these days with Google introducing most innovative products such as spreadsheets and documents on the web, Microsoft also wants to dominate the Web. Their most recent strategy was leaked in the net with some screen shots. It is called 'Gatineau', a analytics tool like the Google analytics. The beta is expected to be available this summer. It is further reported that Microsoft will use live Id's (formerly Microsoft Passport) profiles in order to get the demographic data such as age and gender. Will this work out is a big question?? Will it be able to take the share out from Google.. Lets wait and see.

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