Friday, May 28, 2010


It was not so long that I promised myself not to use facebook frequently. Breaking that I do occasionally log on to facebook to look into the photos updated by my friends or FOF.
Last weekend out of my boredom logged on to facebook and clicked the photos tab. I could see lot of photos with people wearing yellow robes. They were all my juniors who had updated their graduation day pictures. I felt poignant about my graduation day. Dad was there beside me during my graduation, but now he is no more. He had always been my best friend. I still remember the day of admission where we had to perambulate the entire campus. He became tired, unable to walk but still continued to slog for my own sake. He has done countless little things for me. Today, I am comfortably placed in life. I can live independently. Though he is not with me anymore, his memories will stay in my heart forever. Love you dad...