Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcoming Onboard

There are three new comers into the entertainment club of our house. One is a home-made bowling kit, Funskool Monopoly game board and a wooden top(Pumbarum). The bowling kit is made from Tropicana twister bottles and a ball purchased from sapphire toys. We had excellent bowling time from 11pm to 12am yesterday. I had very tough competition in which i somehow managed to finish third place. Then we had a game on the monopoly board. We started the game at 12am. The game was really interesting. We never felt bored or sleepy during the course of the game. But unfortunately I had to file a bankruptcy at 3am with no money to pay rent and leave the game :( The game is real fun but you need to have some luck on the dice too.. This morning we started experimenting with the pumbarum. We were experts in the past. We showed technical expertise by dipping the rope in water to gain grip over the rope. Even though we had lack of practice in the recent past we were able to spin the top upside down :p. Hope we regain over our expertise and become professional pumbarum players by spinning it right on our palm.

To see pictures of this click here.

Flash Update: The pumbarum has started to spin awesomely in the right posture


Srihari said...

tat's nice. So you guys are playing lot of indoor stuff..

Tom Praison said...

Yup.. But only during weekends...