Monday, October 26, 2009

Why work life is important?

These days, I have started interacting a lot with my team mates. This has helped me learn about things around me in a different perspective.. Last week we had gone for a team movie.. The most interesting part was the hot discussions that we had, rather than the movie itself. Our discussions mainly revolved around companies, our work, managers and many more.

One of my team mate, A genius I say, shared his thoughts about,"why he considers his work life in Y! important.."
He had worked for many big names.. such as Intel R&D,Microsoft and Oracle!! He was not quite satisfied with the work in all these places and finally landed up in my team!! I am sure, he would have got a really heavy pay cheque and good benefits in all these companies.. Curious to know what might have disappointed him
I started a conversation with him.. His reply was really intersting.. " Life is not all about pay cheque.. Draw a simple gantt chart for ur life.. Color all the time you sleep in a day, say 8 hours a day thats about 1/3rd of a day. Another 3 to 5 hours for travel and food. With 12 hrs or so remaining 8hrs to 10hrs we spend in office which is major part of the time, we usefully spend in a day. I want this time to be challenging, real value adding and interesting. I really enjoy when I write code that incorporate rich algorithms and those which are revenue impacting."

During this tough period of Y!, I was worrying about my job security.. I was questioning myself about why I should I have to put my heart and soul into a project,which will be scrapped soon.. I thought all my work was in vain!!.. But now I realize, I am taking home lot of experiences.. Technical expertise, how to handle a crisis and lot of other stuff.. His thoughts were really inspiring.. It gave a lot of meaning to the work I do. His thoughts motivates me to work harder and bring meaning to the time I spend in office. Happy to work with him!! Cheers to u man!! U changed my life in a short drive!!

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