Thursday, April 29, 2010

Advertising today - My views

For all of you who have pondered about the evolution of advertising, would have definitely startled about its advancements. Advertising is a vital part of any business and this had been true for ages. Its started just as simple as name boards, bill boards and pamphlets. Today it has scaled beyond imagination as radio jingles, eye-catchy commercials TV ads, display and text ads on the Internet. Perhaps for all these advertisements, the advertiser has to pay. Not all but few keen observer would have surely noticed that in recent time two different kinds of advertising strategies have become more common. The first one is "controversy" and the second one is what is called "viral advertising". Controversies are common marketing strategies for cinema. Films without controversies are unlikely these days. "My name is Khan" and "kites" are some good examples for this type of advertising. Viral advertising is very common in social networking sites like twitter or facebook. Advertiser ask people to like or retweet(RT) some status or tweets which end up your friends, friends of friends (FOF) and the whole network doing it. We unconsciously become prey to such advertising strategies.

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