Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Will Microsoft 'Gatineau' be a competition for Google Analytics??

Microsoft and Google have become best competitors in the software market. While the first concentrates more on desktop business, the other has captured the Web. Now both of them have come to a stage where each of them wants to enter into the others domain. Since Web based products are gaining popularity these days with Google introducing most innovative products such as spreadsheets and documents on the web, Microsoft also wants to dominate the Web. Their most recent strategy was leaked in the net with some screen shots. It is called 'Gatineau', a analytics tool like the Google analytics. The beta is expected to be available this summer. It is further reported that Microsoft will use live Id's (formerly Microsoft Passport) profiles in order to get the demographic data such as age and gender. Will this work out is a big question?? Will it be able to take the share out from Google.. Lets wait and see.

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Anonymous said...

I would say Gatineu is no where even to think of competiting Google in the Analytics Arena...
Google Analytics is tightly coupled with Adsense as well as Adwords, which has the largest customer base. Gatineu will be flop like how it happened for the much expected live platform, which did not make any change in the statistics of Microsoft Live. Another Fool Around by Microsoft.

PS: Please look into the OS and office Business alone instead of competing Google in web arena. Youre market has already been shook!

Vijesh said...

Simple once you are thrown into the battle dome, you need to fight for! Thats what MS is doing now. Next generation depends on web. :)
To thro more light

sampathkumar said...
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sampathkumar said...

Google Analytics problem