Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My First Team Outing...

I work for the CSE Team of TMG group @ Intel. It is one of the most fun loving team in Intel. team outings are arranged for each quarterly. Since I joined Intel a month ago, it was my first team outing. We went to an eco-friendly resort called Our Native Village on 15th June, the very day Sivaji was released. It is about 40kms from the city. We were 17 people in number and we went in a cab. By no surprise, we were talking mostly about the movie Sivaji. Each one shared their bit of information with others. The most interesting part of the travel was when we watched the song chennai senthamzhil from M.Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi which had subtitles in English. We enjoyed the funny translation like Oh banana for neynthrpalzham.. We reached there by 10am. We were given a warm welcome there. They invited us into the resort with a glass of juice which tasted like jaggery water. It taste good. Then we went around the resort seeing the art works around everything had a village touch. There was a eco-friendly swimming pool with frogs swimming around. Oh! God..how could people swim in that????
The Village Olympics:
Then we started to play village olympics.. Blinking... Cool buddy!!! These are some "veera vilayatu" like Undigol (Catapault), Goli, Gilli Dhanda, Pumbarom (Top), Kite Flying etc.. It was all fun.. All these reminded of my childhood days where i used to hang around with slum boys to play all these.. But the poor thing is i dont remember any of these games.
Bullock Cart Riding.
We had a bullock cart riding where we went a around in a single bullock cart.. It was real fun though the sun was vertical above. It was so funny to hear one of my team mate holding the rope and telling "Hogthavu basva" which in kannada means "Go Cow". Then we played some board games such as Chess, Ludo and carom. The ludo game was really boring with all the four not getting a six on the dice to get the coin out of the house. Then we had lunch in village style.. the spoons and the dishes were made in wood and coconut shell.
Potters shaping life.
The post lunch session was the most interesting one. We were thought how to make pots.. Each one made a pot for them and had it as an memento. I made a small flower vase kind of thing.. I liked it so much.. The day was really exciting for me..

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lakshmi said...

Hey Excellent summary of our team outing!!!
I was plannin to write one blog about that......but u did it really well...