Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Its Our Internship

We are students of PSG TECH, Coimbatore doing MSc(Software Engineering) a 5 year integrated course belonging to the 2004-2009 batch. We are really lucky to be a part of this great institution and this course. We are 38 in number and we join hands in every endeavor. We have 2 internship in our curriculum, 1st at 7th semester and the 2nd at 10th semester. We do these internship in companies so that we get a very good industrial experience. This is considered to be one of the strengths of our course. Usually getting into big companies is not a easy task and we people work very hard for it since we have to attend interviews in order to enter into these companies. My internship experience was amazing and i am gonna share it with you. My internship preparation started 6 months before the actual internship during the 5th semester holidays. Though not very serious i started collecting materials for the interviews and began reading some good books in computer science. I didn't have any dream company as such but i had one thing in my mind to get into the first company because it relieves a lot of pressure. Slowly as the days passed, we had special classes conducted by us revising important topics and the real fire of internship started. We dont attend regular classes properly stating we need to prepare for interviews. Since i don't have good memory i can't reproduce the days of the interviews. The first company that had its interview(telephonic) was Google Hyderabad, the king that rules the web. Fortunately or Unfortunately i could not attend the interview because only the first 4 ranks were called and i was the 7th in class. 2 people got selected. The next company was Intel. I got into intel along with 10 others. Then came Goldmansachs, it was a finance based company. 2 people were selected in it. Then it was OAT systems, a company which sets standards in RFID. 2 people were selected in it. Then again it was Intel for another requirement. This time it was only 1. Then, we had a company named interchain Solutions with 4 guys to go into it. It was a startup company, started by our senior Vishnu. The technology they are working on is really amazing. They work on a product called GPSWatch which is really a great. Next it was Kuliza with two girls. Their product is like a social network group based on GPS. Then came Ver se' Innovation with 3 people. They work on different kinds of search engines. We have 3 people in CTS Chennai. 6 people got into Cordys, Hyderabad and 1 is doing in college and other got into a company called omnigate, chennai.
Some of the exiting features of our Internship are as follows.
  1. Most number of companies ever. -10 companies.
  2. Most number of first time companies - 7 companies
  3. Most number of startup companies-3 companies
  4. Most innovative RFID technology- OATSystems
  5. Most number of geographical locations -4 places (Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad)
  6. Highest stipend -25k (Google)
  7. Highest average stipend - 13k
  8. First time to have 8 people in Hyderabad


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