Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Movie Clips Collection

It was a long time i was thinking to write a nice blog. Since i am in intel now, they had me given a utility to develop. I was doing that but i could not complete it successfully. So I had to try different experiments and test it as it was gonna monitor some critical tasks. So, I had to spent most of my time testing the application. So i needed something to kill the time, which i think is the most difficult. I used to browse through youtube finding and watching interesting movies. Fortunately, I came across many good movie clips from my college (PSG) which were from the dramatix club. I enjoyed the shows watching live and want to present some rare interesting collections.
The Stunt Show -Enjoy!!!

The Dream Farewell - Don't Cry Pls....

UV Dance -PSG

Really Touching Trailer for Dramatix -PSG

Best of All times Video taken for Dramatix Show

Its the Time to Disco!

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