Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Recent Chennai Trip

Last weekend i had gone to Chennai to attend one of my senior Venkat's engagement with seniors, my roomie and Classmates. It was after a long time i got a chance to visit some places in Chennai. The whole two days was filled with fun and excitement. It reminded me of my old days in Chennai. The engagement was on Sunday. So, I decided to do a little bit of shopping on Saturday with my classmates. I reached Adayar where my classmates Suba and Deepthi stayed. Then, we did some shopping in Adayar. We planned to have lunch in Sanjeevani - a Ayurvedic Kerala Style Restaurant, but unfortunately we ended up being late and also due to the crowd we ended up in a ordinary restaurant nearby. We were fortunate to meet one of our senior Sethu. It was nice talking with him after a long time. Then, along with Pavi and Suba proceeded to T Nagar for a second round of shopping. The place was the same old with heavily crowded streets. We went to Saravana Stores and Pothys. We bought couple of clothes for each of us and returned home. The next day we had to get up early by 4 am since the engagement was at a place called Perambakkam 40 km away from the City. It was a very pleasant experience. Most of the time we spent pulling each other legs with special target as me. Then we played UNO with much fun. The journey was awesome with greenaries on both sides of the roads. Once we reached there we had a wonderful village style hospitality. We were given a great hospitality there only the red carpet was missing. The engagement went on well. Thanks to our photography experts Satyendra, Ragu and Satish who had been clicking all the time. Then myself, suba and Pavi went back to Adayar. There we joined Deepthi and left to Besant Nagar Beach. It was really exciting experience there. The beach sand, lot of ppl, kites flying, ballon shooting, beach volley ball etc every scene was filled with beauty. We played in the Sea waves for sometime. The large golden sun on one side and the rising moon on the other side was a awsome scene to watch. We ate fried fish at the beach which tasted heaven. Each and every moment in the beach was amazing. Then we had tasty idly, dosa and paniyaram at murugun idly shop. Since Pavi was new to the city we decided her to take her in the metro train. We also met our old friend Paul at the railway station. It was nice meeting him after a long time. Then we enjoyed the short ride in the metro train to park station. We were tight on schedule and reached the Central Railway Station on time. All together we had a small Chennai Class get together but missed Raji. We were left with nostalgic feelings of college life and missed our beloved friends. Meeting friends and sharing things after a long time is really a pleasant experience and these fun and sentiment filled moments will be cherished forever.

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