Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Surfing

I am a Random Surfer on the net. I search on some irrelevant keywords and end up finding something else. Doing so i suddenly came across two blogs which was quite interesting to me. These two bloggers are actually singers. The first one was by Chinamayee, the singer, CEO, Blogger,Translator,TV anchor and RJ. Her Blog had lot of information about music and her careers. The next blog was from Blaaze, the rapper. It was nice reading his blog where he gives lot of information about his early life. His latest song is dedicated to the victims of Mumbai Terror Attacks. He has done this along with Prince Ali & Raqueeb Alam. The message he tells through the songs is really wonderful. I salute this person for he has used his talents in the right direction. Not many do that. To download the song Click here. Hear it and pass the message to your friends.

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