Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Tribute to ARR

Right from the days i began to listen to music, I admired AR Rahman so much. I could feel the freshness in each and every song that he has composed. He had been one of my inspiration right from my early college not for the musical talent he has but for the person he is. His early life was a tragedy, poor boy had to play keyboard for his living. But today he is on each and every part of the media around the world. He is actually the true slumdog millionaire. I am happy and glad that I gave a speech titled "From Napier Bridge to London Bridge" throwing light on the biography of this maestro in my English Skills Class in the first year of my college. I admire him for his love for the motherland and his humility "Ella pughazalum Iraivanukay". When i first heard slumdog millionaire it didnt sound that great comparing his earlier projects. Slumdog millionaire earned him 2 Oscars. But according to me 2 oscars for slumdog millionaire means he should have got more than 50 oscars for his earlier works. Rite from Roja, Lagaan, Vande Mataram, Swadesh, Range De Basanthi, Taal, Yuva and Jodha Akbar should have been given oscars. I congratulate him for the winning 2 oscars and wish him to spread love towards mankind through his music

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