Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yahoo Search Enhancements

Always I used to compare search results from google and yahoo. These are my little findings and i am not sure how many of you agree with me. When you search for some technical stuffs google seems to be more accurate in what you want. But when it comes to non-technical stuffs Yahoo tops the result. And moreover yahoo search results have many enhancements which are really useful and awesome. Many would have not be aware of this. Next time you want to get some information probably from say wikipedia, then use Yahoo search. You will get a nice cool looking preview as below.
Like this there are lot of enhancements for imdb, wikitionary, PHP tutorials and lot more. Few are enabled by default but you can add lot more from the search gallery These enhancements will be very useful and a guide to get the right information quickly. These enhancements are result of open source developement called SearchMonkey scripts. Even you can write one and it has very easy steps. Enjoy Yahoo!...

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